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Our History

During the summer of 1932, Rev. D.L. Welch, and W.E. Gamblin pitched a tent at First and Dewey Street on Montgomery’s South Side. Revival came, souls were born, and a church came into existence!

The following men have served as pastor to this people: Rev. Gamblin, Rev. Welch, Rev. Duplesy, Rev. Gosey, Rev. Ford, Rev. Casey, Rev. McDuff, Rev. Brimmage, Rev. Ladd, Rev. Miller, Rev. Newal, Rev. Lane, and Rev. Stark. With the arrival of Joe L. Lane, this church became established and remained so until his retirement. Upon his retirement, Bro. Stark came and pastored until Bro. Davis came in July of 1985. Upon Bro Davis’s resignation, Bro. Larry McEndarfer was voted in, March of 1996.

Each man who has pastored this people invested something in them. They each made their own sacrifices and built their own altars before God. Each man could tell of long, lonely nights of prayer vigil. Each of these men hold a special place in the heart of some Born Again child of God!

The Church, under Rev. Joe Lane, at 1601 Dewey St., grew from an attendance of 28 to a record attendance of 329. In the early 1950’s the church moved from Dewey St. to 450 Sayre Street.

In June of 1982, at the retirement of Bro. Joe Lane, Bro Stark became the pastor. With a deep burden for our children and young people, he organized and opened a school the following September. The school began with approximately forty-five students from Kindergarten age and up. The school carried on for three years and graduated four students. A prison ministry was also started during the three years Bro. Stark pastored.

Upon moving from Sayre Street to 3627 Capitol City Drive (which is now Stanley Street), the name of the church and school was changed from Apostolic Pentecostal Church, to Pentecostal Life Church and Pentecostal Life Academy. Bro Stark and church members sold BBQ dinners to help fund the church.

In July of 1985, Bro. Ronald Davis, and his wife, Nancy, and their family came to pastor. Work for the Lord carried on through their ministry.

At the resignation of Bro. Davis, in December of 1995, Bro. Larry McEndarfer was made aware of the open pastorate of Pentecostal Life Church through Bro. Deeds in Michigan. Bro. McEndarfer called Bro Lewis and Bro. Lewis asked him to come down and try out. Bro. McEndarfer and his family were pastoring Full Gospel Church in Paw Paw, Michigan, at the time. They had been pastoring for 9 plus years. The McEndarfer family had been praying for the will of God about moving and had prayed for an open door. Two days later they received a phone call about Pentecostal Life Church in Montgomery, Alabama. Upon trying out for the church, they received a majority percentage of the vote and accepted the pastorate in February of 1996. The church had an attendance of 60 when they came down. Within two years, the church doubled its attendance. Due to job/spiritual moves of several families, the church now runs a steady 100 to 120 in attendance.

God is doing great and marvelous things. We look for great and wonderful things to happen, now and in the future, for Pentecostal Life Church. After all, men come and go, but God remains….and He is the same yesterday, today, and forever!