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Growing a Multicultural Church - July 2019

By David K. Bernard     Our nation is becoming more diverse, and to fulfill its mission the church must win and assimilate people of all backgrounds. There are many reasons why we should engage in multicultural, multiracial outreach.

Shipshape - July 2019

By P. Daniel Buford     Even though I am a landlubber and would rather sit astraddle a horse than stand on a reeling deck, I know about ships and boats.

Your Pastor, Your Bishop - June 2019

By David K. Bernard     Do you have a pastor? Do you have a spiritual leader or leaders to whom you are accountable? Have you learned to submit to authority even when you don’t understand or agree with every decision? Do you respect, honor, and support spiritual leaders?

Everyone Needs A Man - June 2019

By P. Daniel Buford     Everyone needs a man. Little girls need a man to love and nurture them, to train and cherish them, to show them how special they really are, and for them to call “Daddy.”

The Five Fold Ministry Part 2 - May 2019

By David K. Bernard     Let us look briefly at the five types of church leaders in Ephesians 4:11.

What If... - May 2019

By P. Daniel Buford    The “what ifs” of life can be energizing or depressing. It just depends on the “what if.” 

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By David K. Bernard     Christians are responsible to nurture their family relationships. Failure in this area will hinder or destroy our Christian example, while success is a great blessing in all aspects of life and ministry. Not all families are alike, and no family is perfect...

By P. Daniel Buford      Her name was Daisy. She was a pretty little thing. She was my first. Well, the first I had all to myself. The first two I shared with my brother.

Sonny was actually the first, but we only had him part-time in the summers...

By Scott Graham     On the Northern Atlantic Coast of the United States, a farmer was seeking to hire a farm hand. His was not exactly prime farming ground. When the plow bit in, turning the soil over row by row, he did not get the rich, black soil of the plains. Instead, he...