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Connecting with One Another - March 2019

By David K. Bernard     In twenty-first century culture, there is less respect for authority, less loyalty to tradition, and less trust in institutions.

Relating to the Culture Around You - March 2019

By P. Daniel Buford     Have you ever felt like a misfit? A square peg in a round hole? Do you ever feel out of place?

Freedom To Love - February 2019

By David K. Bernard     When God created the first humans, He gave them a choice to obey Him or not. Because they made the wrong choice, we may wonder why God ever allowed a choice in the first place and why He allowed temptation.

The Farmer Knows - February 2019

By  P. Daniel Buford     In the beginning, on the fourth day, God created lights in the firmament of the heavens for various reasons, one of which was seasons (Genesis 1:14). The concept and reality of seasons have endured since that fourth creative day. We still have seasons.

I AM - January 2019

By David K. Bernard     The United Pentecostal Church International has chosen “I AM” as its theme for 2019. When God identified Himself as “I AM,” He gave insight into His identity and character. He also gave us the basis for our own identity as His people. 

From Rain to Rainbows, From Fishermen to Fishers of Men - January 2019

By P. Daniel Buford     January is the month for new things, a time for new beginnings. The first month of a new year is a needed time for fresh starts. It is an opportunity to refresh, renew, and catch a new lift of vision for the worthwhile task.

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By David K. Bernard     Do you have a pastor? Do you have a spiritual leader or leaders to whom you are accountable? Have you learned to submit to authority even when you don’t understand or agree with every decision? Do you respect, honor, and support spiritual leaders?


By P. Daniel Buford     Everyone needs a man. Little girls need a man to love and nurture them, to train and cherish them, to show them how special they really are, and for them to call “Daddy.”

Little boys need a man to be a role model for them, to show them how real men treat others, to...

By David K. Bernard     Let us look briefly at the five types of church leaders in Ephesians 4:11.

The word apostle means someone who is...